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the tribe 2.0

The Tribe showcases Namibian and African talent and potential while simultaneously creating exciting content for both radio and television broadcast in Namibia where the show is based, but also beyond her borders through digital as well as social media platforms.

The 3rd Will

A story of two half-brothers waging war over a multibillion dollar Company Known as ‘Meat Expo’ left behind by their father. A family turmoil’s gushed with Love, money, Power and Greed.

I Laugh Namibia

Lazarus Jacobs and his best frenemy, Neville Basson, are coming to terms with their 30 year friendship, greying beards, and what it means to be Namibian while travelling across our beautiful country. Supported by the Gondwana Collection, this locally produced series takes us on a hilarious journey with Namibia’s grumpiest bromance.


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